Yates Style Inspiration

Today I want to share a little inspiration for your Yates Coats pulled from my Yates Inspiration board on Pinterest, starting with these pink beauties above! I saw a few people on Instagram mention having pink coating at the ready and I'm right there with them. Our sew-along coat is made from a dusty pink cashmere/wool coating that I think gives an even more modern edge to the silhouette. Not to mention that every single Me Made May I find that I'm still wearing my Yates, so I'm excited to have a more spring colored one lined up for this year!

I'm always a sucker for a plush grey coat - one of my favorite Cascades is made with a gorgeous wool/cashmere blend and I wish I still had enough for a Yates. The softness of the color really makes any outfit sing. Try a grey with a nap for an extra luxurious look, but if you do, don't forget that nap requires one way cutting!

I'm obsessed with the rusty, deep camel and olive colors in this set of coat inspiration images. I've been unable to really find these colors in my swatch searching so if you come across any, let me know!

Don't feel like you need to be confined to solids with the Yates! You can easily add a bit of texture and depth with a classic subtle pattern like the bottom two images above, or get a little funky with a larger pattern. It's easy to match plaids across this coat, though keep in mind a large check like the top left will require more fabric that recommended in the pattern.

The waistline split on the Yates makes it a perfect candidate for color-blocking. The possibilities are pretty much endless on this one - personally I want one that's a bright navy on top and black on the bottom as navy & black is one of my favorite color combos. If you're planning on color-blocking with two starkly different color values like the coat on the right, I'd try to keep the lighter color on top as the visual weight of the darker color may look unbalanced with the lighter color below.

If you're not feeling any of those options, there's always navy or basic black. These two are always a good bet and instantly make any outfit look super sleek. These are also two of the easiest colors of coating to find so that's a major plus as well! Hope you got a bit of inspiration from this post, I know I have plans for a million more coats after putting it together. I'll be back next with some fabric ideas, so if you don't already have your fabric lined up you'll want to read!

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