My Work/Life Balance and Launching my Business

Elise Gets Crafty Podcast Interview | Grainline Studio

I've been fortunate to appear on some excellent podcasts this fall and just realized over the weekend that I never shared them with you all! Back in October I talked to Elise of Elise Gets Crafty and the Get to Work Book about launching my small craft based business. It's pretty funny to think back to how things were online back in 2011 and how much things have changed since then.

Listen to the Elise Gets Crafty episode here!

Love To Sew Podcast Interview | Grainline Studio

A few weeks later Helen and Caroline of the Love To Sew Podcast interviewed me about my work/life balance and of course we ended up talking about a million other things as well. I haven't had time to listen to the episode yet (I kind of hate listening to myself) but I'm told there's a pretty funny convo between me and my dog Oaty at the end. There's a ton of other strange tidbits in there and if my memory serves we also got sort of real at times. So enjoy!

Listen to the Love To Sew Podcast here!