workin' on the wardrobe, etc.

workin’ on the wardrobe, etc. | grainline studio

I have to admit, my wardrobe is pretty stale at this point in time, due mainly to two factors: I am in the poorhouse, and I have no time to sew myself poorhouse clothes. This is because I spend all of my time doing these two things: making people fancy wedding dresses or making people clothes. I have decided to stop working on business by 7 p.m. each night and devote a little sliver of time to making myself some clothing (and a cat house).

workin’ on the wardrobe, etc. | grainline studio

Here is the start of my first project, a striped boat neck knit top. I decided to take a shortcut and start with the BBW (I just accidentally typed bbq) knit blocks from her book Home Stretch instead of drafting my own pattern, which turned out to be the opposite of a time saver. What is the deal with this woman's sizing? I've had this problem with her woven patterns and my friend who is the manager at a very popular women's store here in Chicago says the same is true for her ready to wear line. A size chart in which I am an extra small is a flawed size chart indeed!

At this point I seem crazy as well because this doesn't look anything like a striped or boat neck top, that is because it's just a test of the blocks. They failed my test, hahaha.

Meanwhile here's a photo of Luke holed up in Boise in a super awesome modernist house getting some photo work done. This was taken shortly after their trip to Luke's fav. side of the road hot springs hole, the lucky duck! He's the dude in the plaid shirt and crazy cycling cap. Dude loves a cycling cap.