Myra Top and Dress Now Available!

wip wednesday (actually on a wednesday!!!)

wip wednesday (actually on a wednesday!!!) | grainline studio

I started this dress last summer the day after I finished my Tie Neck Dress, the plan was to wear it to one of the events at my friend's wedding, but halfway in, I decided I liked the way the dress was going too much to speed through it crazy style. After the wedding, though, I found myself too busy to devote any real time to it. Now that I've decided to make a serious effort to stop working on work between 5 and 7 p.m. I find myself with a little extra time for personal projects.

wip wednesday (actually on a wednesday!!!) | grainline studio

My first step was re-patterning the top, I found it cut in a bit at the top of the bodice so now my task is to take out the zipper and detach the bodice. That shouldn't take too long, then I need to recut/sew the bodice, make the inside bustier/lining and attach the colored bandings to the hem. Should be done in time for spring no problem!

On another note, I have decided to discontinue my 365 project for two reasons. Number one is that it is stressing me out more than anything else in my life (crazy I know), and I need to cut it out for sanity's sake. I started the project as a way to start using my camera more and re-connect with my photography degree, which it has done, but some days I just don't have time to take photos. Those are the days that I end up uploading some horrible poorly light photograph which is frustrating. My main goal to photograph more has been achieved and I've started taking a roll a month of film, so I think I'm set. Reason number two is that I have a free Flickr account which has a limit of 200 photos and obviously I would need to upload 365, so the math just doesn't work out. Haha, I never was good at math.