The Planet Money Shirt

Planet Money T-Shirt Kickstarter

Do any of you guys listen to Planet Money? I've been a fan since they started covering the financial collapse here in the US a few years ago with their This American Life episode "The Giant Pool of Money." So why am I blogging about Planet Money? They've been talking about making a t-shirt for quite a while and it's now finally happening. This isn't just a buy a t-shirt and screen print an NPR logo on it, they're doing it Planet Money style, from cotton to final shirt. They'll be following the shirt from start to finish, interviewing the people involved in each step and then reporting back to us exactly how and where it was made. This was really exciting to me and I thought perhaps some of you might enjoy this as well. The final shirt will have a QR code on the back that links to a page with every story, interview, detail, everything they uncover in the process of making this shirt which is pretty cool. They started a Kickstarter page to take pre-orders with any additional funding going to pay for their travel in following the t-shirt around the world.  I'm so pumped to follow this journey!