Summer Wardrobe | Recap

I thought it might be fun to do a little roundup on my summer wardrobe before I move into fall and see how things went based on my original illustrations. I didn't make everything I had planned but I think I did pretty well. I only omitted the 2 long sleeved shirts and blazer, it seemed really awful to make long sleeved things when we were having the hottest summer on record here in Chicago. I'll be pushing those over into fall and chalking that up to mother nature not cooperating with my ideal summer wardrobe. The Chambray Shirtdress turned out pretty much exactly like my drawing minus the omission of those bottom pockets. It seemed like a lot of stuff to be sewing on the dress and when I pinned them on, they just looked bulky and sort of unnecessary. I definitely don't miss them since I never really put my hands, or anything else for that matter, in that style of pocket. The Denim Maritime Shorts are slightly different than my drawing in the fact that I put a hook and eye closure on the front because I couldn't find a good button and omitted the belt loops because I just really don't wear belts. Other than that they're exactly the same and have seen a LOT of wear this summer. The Cloudy Day Dress has yet to be worn besides the photo, which I'm bummed about. I was saving it for when Luke and I went out for the Solid Decade but we were really tired that night and just went across the street for burgers. I'm hoping to wear it tonight when we hit up Frontera Grill for day 4 of his birthday. Someone is really milking things this year. Ha! The Cotton Pajama Party garments have been worn a TON, especially the shorts! It's possible that I've been daytime wearing the shorts, though not out of my house, due to extreme heat. If you've been thinking about making yourself some pajamas but feeling like you don't want to spend so much time on something you'll just be wearing to bed I would like to say to you, make some pajamas! They may be the thing you wear the most out of everything you've made. I would say that the Polka Dot Silk Tank gets the most wear after the pajamas. It's kind of gross how much I wear this thing (New about page photos anyone? Taken on 2 separate days). The silk has a great weight but still breathes a lot, this will make an awesome transition into fall. I love a good layer. The Cobalt Chiffon Midi Skirt is one of my favorites from this wardrobe but I just need more places to wear it. I feel like it's too much to wear sitting around in my apartment working and it's definitely not work appropriate for me. I think I just need to start wearing it random places especially since I think this piece may have the hardest time fall transitioning. Luckily (ugh) we've got more warmer weather coming next week. All in all I'd say this was a successful wardrobe project! I've already been sketching for my fall wardrobe and I'm inching to get started and to get that cooler weather!