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Summer Wardrobe | Cobalt Chiffon Midi Skirt

Summer Wardrobe | Cobalt Chiffon Midi Skirt | Grainline Studio
Summer Wardrobe | Cobalt Chiffon Midi Skirt | Grainline Studio

It's time for the last garment in my Summer Wardrobe sewing! I kept putting this skirt off because I wasn't sure how the silhouette would look on me but I pulled myself together over the weekend and made it happen. I'm not totally sure about it, I like the skirt but I practically tried every shirt I own with it before we decided on this as the best option. I think I'm also not really used to wearing things that are gathered quite like this so maybe I just need to put it on and go with it. Are you enjoying my slouchy creep pose up there? Always working the camera.

Summer Wardrobe | Cobalt Chiffon Midi Skirt | Grainline Studio

Making this skirt was sort of bizarre. The idea was to make the Hound Sunspot Skirt but I was out of elastic and not ready to venture to the fabric store. In addition to that I usually cut things out when Luke is out of town so I can use his big table. Unfortunately I didn't plan far enough in advance and the Sunspot Skirt pattern doesn't fit on my sewing table so instead of using a pattern I just measured and ripped all of the pieces. Even the waistband. Hahaha it was pretty nutty but it worked out just fine. Soooooo many chiffon and bemberg strings EVERYWHERE though, omg. Sister even had them stuck to her face and whiskers after an attempt at walking through the skirt while I was ironing it.

Summer Wardrobe | Cobalt Chiffon Midi Skirt | Grainline Studio

The Details
Pattern : None
Fabric : Chiffon and Bemberg from Vogue Fabrics
Shirt : Hound Lakeside Tank
Shoes : Swedish Hasbeens for H&M

As far as the actual sewing of the skirt, the chiffon layer is about 50% wider than the lining and is gathered on top of the lining, then once they are attached the chiffon and lining are gathered together into the waistband. This can be awkward with a zipper so I used a technique we use a lot at work which allows the chiffon to hang free instead of being anchored to the side seam for a few inches on one side. I took photos of how I did the side zipper and was thinking of posting them here, it's really easy and I like the look of this a lot better than the alternative of both layers going into the lining. Just a nice little touch. I'll be recapping my Summer Wardrobe later this week and then it's time to start thinking about AUTUMNNNNNNN! So pumped up for my fav. season.