Summer 2019 Style Inspiration | Lexi

Summer 2019 Style Inspiration | Lexi

Hi everyone, it's Lexi. Summer is upon us here in Chicago, with much warmer temps and LOTS of humidity. It has me feeling like I'm in the tropics rather than Illinois! In order to truly feel like perpetual summer vacation on a tropical island, my wardrobe needs some help! Usually I wear most of my clothes all year round, however, I want to embrace the season with clothing that will help me beat the heat and still feel put together. My style is usually a mix of vintage and comfort so with my summer sewing plans (and a rifle through my vintage fabric hoard) I want to create garments that are easy to wear and make me feel like I'm headed to a 60's beach party.

I love a tie front button down shirt, they are versatile and fun! With just a few tweaks, the Alder Shirtdress is the perfect base for this top. I think about this modification every time I sew up a view B Alder. Before adding the gathered skirt, the shirt tails of the front button band are begging to be tied up. With a little reshaping and a simple hem, I'll have a top Mary Ann would've died for back on the isle.

Lexi's Summer Style | Grainline Studio

I know summer is shorts season, but to be honest, I haven't felt comfortable wearing them since middle school and much prefer skirts. I do appreciate the freedom of movement shorts provide though. If I made a pair of the Maritime Shorts and added a front skirt flap into one side seam, I could have the best of both worlds while feeling cool and comfortable all summer long. Now I just have to decide solid or print? And the opportunities for play with different closures and ties are endless!

Another season of summer is wedding season! I do have a couple coming up and I'm tired of wearing the same old thing. I would love to use the Willow Tank Dress or lengthen the Hadley Top into a dress and add a wide ruffle to the hem. I think the result would provide a breezy yet sophisticated option for fancier summer events!

All of these images came from our Summer 2019 Inspiration Pinterest board where you can find additional inspiration. Keep an eye out for Jen's summer sewing plans, and we've be adding to our sections of the Pinterest board and posting about our summer style! Do you have summer sewing plans? Let us know in the comments below.

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