Summer 2019 Style Inspiration | Aimee

There was a collective, "We're so happy summer is finally here! ... Wait, how are we halfway through the year already?," moment in the studio this week. I personally look forward to the summer season every year, but once it arrives I often end up feeling intimidated by how quickly it's passing by. In an attempt to combat my seasonal paralysis, I'm grounding myself in my summer sewing plans and appreciating the season while it's here!

The slightly oversized Lark Tees I sewed for our previous embroidery inspiration post had me dreaming about a loose fitting mid-calf length Lark Dress. I want something that is relaxed, comfortable, and effortlessly stylish. I think the Lark checks all of those boxes, and I know it sews up quickly. I can imagine wearing this to my neighborhood farmer's market, lounging around in my yard, and out and about to barbecues.

I try to steer clear of trends, but these sheer organza blouses have been calling my name. I'm really drawn to longer duster versions as well, and I'm planning on using the Archer Button Up to make one. The hardest part will be deciding on length and color. I will likely stick to a neutral tone so that I'll feel comfortable wearing this long after this fad passes.

I already have a set of Lakeside Pajamas, but have always thought about making a few pairs of the shorts in linen to be worn as day or night wear. I'm thinking about using the Willow Tank to make a few sets of coordinating separates. Lexi also gave me the idea to combine the Willow and Lakeside Shorts into a romper, and I don't know that I'll be able to stop thinking about it until I make it. If I do we will definitely be sharing a tutorial!

Ever since Jen made her Uniform Dress I've been wanting my own, and think a sleeveless version made up in a leather would be amazing not to mention multi-seasonal. Last on my list, for now, is to use the Felix Dress pattern to make a beach or pool cover up. I might lower the neckline so that the dress cover-up is more similar to the image shown on the right.

All of these images came from our Summer 2019 Inspiration Pinterest board where you can find additional inspiration. I've roped Jen and Lexi into sharing about their summer sewing plans, and they'll be adding to their sections of the Pinterest board and posting about their summer style soon!

Do you have summer sewing plans? Let us know in the comments below.

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