Stonecutter Progress

Grainline Studio | Stonecutter Progress

I don't know if many of you guys knit, but I've been working on this sweater, Stonecutter, for something like a year, which in sewing terms is a SUPER long time. I took basically the entire summer off because the yarn was not pleasant to knit with in the hot, humid Chicago summer, but after months of on and off knitting I finally finished all of the pieces! I've been Instagramming (@grainlinestudio) the progress and I thought it might be fun to compile those photos here.

Grainline Studio | Stonecutter Progress

I'm about to start blocking the sweater and I'm putting it off a bit. It seems like from my IG query a lot of you block on spare beds, unfortunately I only have one (which I need to sleep in) and I have a hunch this thing will take more than the waking part of a day to dry, so I've ordered some blocking wires & a little fold up board to block it on. Hopefully that does the trick. I've been working on this for so long I definitely want to spend the time to do it right! I'll also need to block it at work because as you can see from the photos, Roamy thinks I've been working hard all these months to make her the world's most intricate and warm cat bed/toy.

I just cast on for the Purl Bee Boyfriend hat as a simple next project while I decide what comes after. So many good knits out there it's so hard to pick my next year long project, though I'm due to clock in at 2 sweaters in one years time if I get this done before mid-November, so maybe it's uphill from here? Fingers crossed!

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Also I'm over on the Fringe Association blog today talking about my knitting tools, etc. on Karen's Our Tools, Ourselves segment. There's a little about my sewing tools on there too if you're not a knitter, so check it out here if you're interested! If you're stopping by from the Fringe Association blog, hello!