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Size 14-30 Pattern Reissue Timeline Update

Grainline Studio 14-30 Pattern Reissue Timeline Update!

Happy Monday! We want to continue to be transparent with you all so we're popping in with a little update on our current schedule for our size 14-30 pattern reissues!⁠⁠

We're currently prepping for our first photoshoot since March 7th 2020! We've assembled a fully vaccinated team, and at this shoot we'll be photographing the Willow, Hadley, Farrow, Alder, Archer, and Tamarack!⁠

The Willow, Hadley, and Farrow will be the first to be released this summer. They've all been pattern tested, tech edited, and are in the final stages of pattern editing. The photo shoot is the last big hurdle to get those out to you!⁠

After that will be the Alder, Archer and Tamarack, which we're expecting to be out late summer / early fall. Linden, Penny, and Driftless are all at the pattern grader right now, and Lark & Felix are at different points in the pattern drafting development stage. I feel like I'm forgetting a pattern – there are so many moving right now it's hard to keep track!⁠

We do have two releases happening prior to this, one that was completed back in 2019 but due to supply chain issues we were unable to release until now.⁠

I know a lot of you are eagerly awaiting these releases, and so are we! If you aren't subscribed to our newsletter you're likely not up to date on what we're working on - I try to include an update at least once a month there. The safety of our team is our most important priority, and we've chosen to hold off on any photo shoots or in-person activities until we could ensure that our team-members with covid-19 co-morbidities were fully vaccinated.⁠

We've been working our lil 🐰 buns 🐰 off so we could hit the ground running once it was safe to do so and that's what we're doing now!