Tips + Tricks | Chaining (It's a Video!)

I am super excited to post my first ever video tutorial and for my all time favorite sewing technique, chaining! Seriously I am obsessed with chaining, I will chain anything and everything I can. If you're a quilter, you might already do this, but if not this you may want to give it a try. Chaining is a great technique to save time, which is something I personally love. Not only do you reduce your thread clipping, you're not getting up from your machine to get the next piece constantly either. I edited the video down to keep you from getting bored but I was able to sew all the straight seams for this blazer (sleeves, side seams, cb seam, collar facing, hem facing and sleeve facings) in under 3 minutes, plus a few more for serging, that's half your blazer sewing done! Chaining works best with the straighter seams of your garment, you obviously can't really do things like armholes etc.

I hope the video is pretty self explanatory but in case it isn't or you have any questions, let me know in the comments below. I hope you find this technique useful!