Get Ready for the Scout Tee Sew-Along

Grainline Studio Scout Sew-Along

We mentioned in our launch post last week that we'd be doing a sew-along for the Scout, so today we're announcing that and revealing the schedule! The Scout is such a great beginner pattern but at the time we originally launched the 0-18 Scout sew-alongs somehow weren't on our radar. I've been meaning to create one ever since then and there's no better time than the launch of the new 14-30 Scout!

We'll be doing another video sew-along for the Scout Tee and it will be going live on Tuesday March 2nd over on our YouTube Channel. We'll be posting new episodes each week on Tuesdays and Thursdays so make sure you're subscribed to our channel so you get notifications when the new videos are live!

Our schedule for the sew-along is:

  • Day 01: Introduction, choosing fabrics & supplies
  • Day 02: Choosing a size & basic pattern adjustments
  • Day 03: Cutting & prep
  • Day 04: Assembling the body
  • Day 05: Finishing the neckline and hem
  • Day 06: Cap sleeve
  • Day 07: Petal sleeve
  • Day 08: Short sleeve
  • Day 09: Long sleeve
  • Day 10: Cuffed sleeve
  • Day 11: Setting the sleeves

If you don't have the pattern yet you can still order it with enough time to join in with 20% off! PDF patterns are available instantly and Paper patterns should be shipping by the end of the month.

I can't wait to sew a Scout with you all. Click the link below to subscribe!

Grainline Studio YouTube Channel