Scout Sew-Along Day 01: Introduction, Supplies & Fabrics

Welcome to day 1 of the Scout Tee Video Sew-Along! Join us as we sew our perennial favorite, the Scout Tee! During this series we'll cover all aspects of making our Scout Tee and it's accompanying Scout Sleeve Variation Pack! This is a great series for anyone just starting out sewing with sewing and may need a bit of hand holding, and also for experienced sewers looking to pick up extra tips.

I'm so excited to sew this top along with you, I hope you have a great time sewing and learn a little something in the process. 

As always if you have any questions you can leave us a comment below, or in the comments section of our video on YouTube!

Mentioned Products

  • Scout Sleeve Variation Pack 0 – 18
    Scout Sleeve Variation | Grainline Studio
  • Scout Sleeve Variation Pack 14 – 32
    Scout Sleeve Variation Pack 14 – 32
  • Scout Tee 0 – 18
    Scout Tee | Grainline Studio
  • Scout Tee 14 – 30/32
    Scout Tee 14 – 30/32