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Reed Skirt Now in Size 32

As of today the Reed Skirt is now available in size 32! I’m so excited to be re-releasing these patterns with additional sizes and, as usual, to celebrate we’re offering 20% off all Reed patterns until the end of the month. No code is required, simply add the pattern to your cart and the discount will be applied at checkout. Discount ends Friday, May 31, 2024 at 11:59 CDT.

The Reed Skirt was originally launched back in 2019 and was designed as a bit of a modern nod to the 70’s. As someone who isn’t a traditionally feminine dresser, skirts can be hard for me to feel comfortable in. Personally I love the look of an A-line skirt that buttons down the front but they all seem to be either gathered at the waist or way too flared for me. Enter the Reed Skirt! This skirt combines a smooth waistline, a moderate A-line shape, and loads of options and details. Let's take a look at the individual pattern views below.

Grainline Studio Reed Skirt

All views of the Reed Skirt have a contoured waistband, since the skirt sits just below the natural waistline. Princess seams help both to keep the A-line silhouette slim while also giving you more points for adjustment to obtain a perfect fit. All of the seam lines are topstitched which we think really makes the style lines pop.

View A is a shorter length, hitting just above the knee. The slanted pockets feature a neat construction technique similar to our Farrow Dress which I think the construction minded among you will enjoy. A front button band adds to the customization possibilities in the type of buttons you use. You can see in our samples how the button choice really changes the look of the skirt.

View B is the same as View A with the exception of length. This skirt hits mid-calf and the lower panel does not button. We find this super cute with tights or boots! You can alternately add a contrast panel here, I personally want to try one in a woven fabric with the right side of the fabric as the upper and the wrong side (which would be the reverse colors) as the lower panel.

View C differs from A & B in that it does not button down the front, but rather has a topstitched center front seam. Patch pockets finish off this look and as always, they're roomy and ready for actual use.

View D is the longer version of View C. The lower panel is closed down the front on this version, unlike View B. I've got a few fabrics set aside for this version, I think it might be my personal favorite!

 Grainline Studio Reed Skirt

As far as fabrication, really the sky's the limit on this pattern. We tried to show a wide variety of fabrics in our samples so that you could more easily visualize drape in many different fibers and weights. In the pattern we recommend the following:

Medium-weight woven fabrics such as twill, denim, corduroy, and linen. Extra fabric may be needed to match plaids, stripes, or one-way print designs.

Grainline Studio Reed Skirt

  1. Robert Kaufman 14 Wale Corduroy in Rust  (100% Cotton)
  2. Robert Kaufman Essex Yarn Dyed Woven Stripe in Black (55% Linen / 45% Cotton)
  3. Radiance Silk Cotton (55% Silk / 45% Cotton)
  4. Slubbed Viscose Linen (65% Linen / 35% Linen)

I would say with a bit of fabric knowledge you could easily expand upon this into heavier light weight fabrics and lighter heavy weight fabrics. Denim would definitely work for this skirt, as well as some rayons.

Make sure to use the hashtags #grainlinereed and #grainlinestudio so we can see your versions. Let us know below if you have any questions and which options you’re planning to make!

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