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Quilt Inspiration

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When I had to move out of my old apartment I had to leave a few things I loved behind, one of them being our bed quilt that I made for Luke one Christmas. It was the Denyse Schmidt Big Zig quilt made up in navy, medium grey and gold. That thing took quite a beating over the years having two different cats and a pug terrorizing it but it served me well. I hope Luke is still using it because that thing rocks but it's time for me to move on and make a quilt of my own. I actually want to make 2 quilts, a bed quilt and a Pia Wallen-esque throw quilt for the back of a couch. Something you should know about me - I am a serious sucker for a throw blanket. I've been pinning quilts that catch my eye lately and so far my number one contender is the Denyse Schmidt Point Me quilt, though I don't think I'm enough whatever it is that allows you to have a white quilt on your bed. I just look at that and see dusty cat prints or whatever on it but I love the white so much! I probably won't start on this project for a while still but it's fun looking around.

Do you guys have any favorite quilt designers I should check out? I like things to be clean and modern (you probably knew that already) and I feel like I'm pretty out of the quilt loop. Help a girl out with some awesome recs!