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Progress and Plans of Sweaters and Knits

Grainline Studio | Plans of Sweaters and Knits

It's getting to be fall which is always a time where I start reassessing my wardrobe. Probably something to do with the ingrained back to school feeling, the fact that fall is my favorite season, my love for long sleeves and layering, or some combination of the those. Whatever the reason I always want to do a little refresh at this time of the year. I've been thinking a lot about what I want to make for myself this upcoming season and it's been a bit hard for me. I've been away from the blog pretty consistently for about 9 months now, posting here and there when I had time or felt like I had something to say, while working to re-launch the pattern line, and I feel like I'm just finally getting back to figuring out what I'm doing here. I think the huge changes I've gone through personally and business wise over the past almost two years have really changed both who I am as a person and my style - probably the fact that I'm now 32 has something to do with these changes too, ha!

Grainline Studio | Plans of Sweaters and Knits

Last night we were trying to take count of all the clothing I've purchased this year (excluding socks & undergarments) and we came up with 3 tees, 2 tanks, 1 sweater, and 1 dress. I'd like to start replacing some of the tees with the jersey above on the left and perhaps make a pattern for my ideal tank. Most of the fabric on the right is earmarked for some pattern samples and variations which I'll be stealing post shoot. I'm never going to be a person who feels like I need to make every single thing in my wardrobe so I don't feel bad purchasing things, and now that I make most of my clothes the few things I do buy I'm able to spend a bit more on quality products I love that will last. Quality fabrics & yarns too. I've got other fall sewing ideas but for now I'm still finalizing them.

This post went on a bit of a ramble but I suppose that's alright from time to time. Since we're just mulling along here I've gotten a lot of questions and curiosity about whether Grainline Studio is my full time job or not. It is and has been for a while now. Thanks to all you guys for supporting this little business and helping me to make it grow!