Printed Hadley Patterns are Back in Stock

A lot of you will be excited to hear that the Hadley printed patterns are back in stock as of Monday! If you're one of the many, many people who have emailed, messaged, or commented on our posts then scurry over to our shop to nab a copy now! In addition to filling you in on the pattern status, I also wanted to share a few great sources of Hadley sewing inspiration today.

The first place you can go to find some really lovely pattern inspiration is Instagram! Each of our patterns includes an official hashtag both on the pattern itself as well as in the instruction booklet. Using the pattern hashtag is also a great way to show your creation off to the community who is interested in seeing garments made from a particular pattern. Also if you've ever dreamed of having Grainline "re-gram" your sewing project, this is how we find our images!


See the Hadley Instagram Hashtag Here

The second place you can find pattern inspiration is on our Pinterest page. For each sewing pattern we release we create an inspiration board containing ready to wear garments to inspire you on your handmade journey. Usually these images range from very close to the original all the way to creative ideas for hacking your pattern. We try to keep these boards updated and pin to them regularly so that you're always seeing new ways to use your patterns. You all know we love helping you get the most out of your patterns! If you're on Pinterest you can follow our account here to stay up to date on what we're pinning.

See the Hadley Pinterest Inspiration Board