Portside Dopp Kit Fabric Inspiration

Today we're going to talk about fabric ideas for your Portside Dopp Kits. There are a ton of options for your Portside Dopp Kit - but to narrow things down and not get overwhelmed by choices, the first thing I do before shopping for fabric is decide if I want my dopp kit to have one outer color, or two. This lets me know if I should be looking for a main fabric that will be easy to match with a contrast or I can just go wild with one color.

I've laid out a few bags above to give you an idea of how one or two colors can affect the look of the bag. The fabrics we used for our swatches here are:

1. Main: Kokka Slices / Contrast: Robert Kauffman Essex

2. Main: Jen Hewett Stone Path

3. Main & Contrast: Rashida Coleman-Hale Shape Up

4. Main: Waxed Canvas in Buffalo Plaid / Contrast: Robert Kauffman Essex

5. Main: Waxed Canvas in Woodland Camo

6. Main & Contrast: Nani Iro Ripple Linen - this fabric is half print, half natural so we'd use the darker part for the lower section and the lighter for the upper.

As far as linings, the sky's the limit! One thing to keep in mind though, is that if you use a dark lining it will be a bit harder to find things inside the bag.

Have you decided on your fabric already? We're using #6 here for ours, it's a bit lighter than ideal so that way we can show you how to apply interfacing to add structure to the bag. I'm about to order fabric for another one though, there are too many good fabrics to chose just one!

Portside Dopp Kit Fabric Inspiration | Grainline Studio

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