Pattern Essentials Tool Kits are Back in Stock!

Pattern Essentials Tool Kits are Back in Stock | Grainline Studio

Great news, our Pattern Essentials Tool Kits are now back in stock! We debuted these awesome kits right before the pandemic took hold and they sold out in record time. Due to the supply chain interruption it took us until now to get all the pieces back in stock. 

Many of you know that prior to starting Grainline Studio I trained and worked as a pattern maker, so these tools are very near and dear to my heart. For our Pattern Essentials Tool Kit we sourced high quality, professional tools that will elevate your sewing practice no matter what your skill level is. We've packaged them together in a beautiful and durable organic cotton canvas tool pouch.

As we mentioned above, you don't need to be a pattern maker to enjoy this set of professional pattern tools! We use them every day around the studio when tracing off patterns, making pattern adjustments, working on pattern variations, and even when setting snaps and jeans buttons or rivets. This set of tools really is the workhorse you need at hand when working with your sewing patterns!

Looking for Individual Tools?

Pattern Essentials Tool Kits are Back in Stock | Grainline Studio

All of the individual pieces of the tool kits are also restocked in the shop! If you already own a few of the tools offered in our kits this is a perfect option for rounding out your personal pattern making toolbox.

Grab them while you can because we expect this restock to go fast – especially with the holidays approaching. Our tool set makes an excellent gift!


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