Our 2021 Plans and a Call for Pattern Testers

Grainline Studio call for Pattern Testers

Well it's been quite a year. We had grand plans for pattern releases in 2020 but between the pandemic and our tissue printer's computer system going down for most of Q4, we had to adjust our expectations and timelines quite a bit. 

It might look like we haven't been working on what we promised at the start of last year, since we've only released one pattern since March, but the reality of this year is that we've had to change the way we go about production. Rather than start one pattern and follow it to release, then starting the next one, we've had to batch tasks based on safety.

During the months of March - June we worked remotely with our pattern maker to get 11 of our existing patterns drafted into our new size range. We took advantage of the lower infection rate this summer to do masked fittings with our fit model on all of these patterns which meant by the time the infection rates started creeping up again this fall, they were ready to be sent to be graded. We're now working with our team and our pattern testers behind the scenes to get all of those patterns ready for release, along with 2 brand new patterns.

With infection and death rates at their all time high, it's currently unsafe to meet in person with people outside your household here in the US. I know a lot of you are in countries who took a more successful virus management route and your lives are looking somewhat normal, but please keep in mind that we are located in the United States. So while companies outside the US might be able to safely meet and hold photoshoots, that unfortunately is not our reality. As much as we can't wait to get these new patterns released and expand our 14-30 size range options, the safety of our staff, contractors, models, etc. is our absolute top priority right now, especially with the vaccine so close to hitting the mainstream population. We really appreciate your patience with us during this frustrating year, and are so excited to get these patterns into your hands as soon as possible!

With so many patterns to work through we’re looking for more pattern testers! All of our pattern testers receive stipends to offset the cost of materials, are given 3 weeks to complete their garment, have access to our team for any questions they might have during the sewing process, and receive a copy of the final pattern along with another pattern of their choice. We’re looking for testers in all of our size ranges, but especially our 14-30 since we have so many patterns in the testing pipeline. If you’re interested in becoming a Grainline Studio pattern tester, simply sign up via our Google Form and if selected for a project we’ll send you an email. Unfortunately we'll only be able to notify you when chosen for a project but we've got a year's worth of testing ahead of us so there's plenty of room!

Click Here to Apply to Become a Grainline Pattern Tester!

Our size charts are below for easy reference. Our 0-18 range is drafted with a B-sewing cup size and our 14-30 is drafted with a D-sewing cup size. Both blocks are based on a height of 5'5" but if you don't need to be to test for us!

Grainline Studio Size Chart

If you’re interested in reading more about our production process, you can find that info here. And if you’re another company looking for data on expanding your own size range, we’re more than happy to share our data and process with you. Simply send us an email at hello@grainlinestudio.com and we’ll get you our anonymized data and answer any questions we’re able to!