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New to Grainline, the Penny Raglan!

Penny Raglan | Grainline Studio

The search for the perfect tee… It’s a real thing. For us it needs to be boxy, drapey, unclingy and of course soft! That’s why the Penny Raglan is the perfect tee.

Penny Raglan | Grainline Studio

For those of you who have been following the blog and our Instagram for a while you probably recognize it. Jen has been wearing them for years. And I'm probably not the only one who has been wanting one for that long! Right?! Now you we can make our very own.

Grainline Studio | Penny Raglan

The Penny is great for all types of knits, as long as there's some drape. The ones pictured above are made in bamboo knit, linen blends, and a silk viscose blend. We've got a post coming up for you on choosing fabrics, so if you're unsure look out for that later this week!

Penny Raglan | Grainline Studio

The Penny is a super quick summer project that's sure to get a lot of wear. Grab your pattern here!

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