my own maritime shorts

Well I made myself some shorts. I am not really a big shorts person but the forecast was hot for my trip to the cabin so linen shorts seemed like the right move, and they sure were! The pattern is mine from the hound spring/summer 2011 collection but I made them a size too big. Bummer! I have this problem where I always think I am at least a size larger than I actually am which makes for awkward clothing at times. I had been wearing them for a solid week, every day, before Luke made it up north with his camera to photograph them and one point before this photo was taken they even ended up in the lake, so usually they are a bit neater looking. Still I am really glad I've had them so far this summer, if I get time I think I will also make a teal pair but a size smaller for sure. For some reason it was also really hard to get any photos on this shoot. I am super awkward in front of the camera and this shoot was no exception. Most of the shots looked something like this or else had the great wandering pug in them. Life is so hard sometimes, haha.