My Fall '18 Knitting Plans

I've got the windows open at home while I work and that can only mean one thing - it's time to plan my fall knitting & sewing! This is pretty much my favorite time of year so I'm always super excited to plan for it. I've honestly had these plans figured for a while, but figured I should wait till at least September to post. So today I'm sharing my *very ambitious* fall '18 knitting plans with sewing plans to follow on Thursday!

My Fall '18 Knitting Plans | Grainline Studio

I'm super excited to give Rainier from Kelbourne Woolens a try and hopefully improve my colorwork skills a bit. I've been super into this sweater since it came out and I'll be using the recommended yarn, Kellbourne's Scout. I've knit two hats in this yarn already and it's a dream to work with. I'll be making one change to the sweater and that is to give it a crew neck. Turtlenecks look amazing but I cannot wear them without feeling like I'm choking. I think that should be a pretty easy change though so I'm not worried.

My Fall '18 Knitting Plans | Grainline Studio

Have you all seen the new bouclé yarn from Woolfolk yet? I was sent a skein leading up to the release and I'm totally obsessed with Flette – I basically started searching for a sweater to make with it immediately. Well that sweater will be Addison from Julie Hoover for Purl Soho. The sweater is the perfect base for a yarn like Flette and I've already swatched and gotten gauge. Rather than knit this sweater in seed stitch I'll be doing stockinette because the yarn has enough texture on its own. I'm using color 01 - light grey which is second from the bottom in the skein photo to the right above. Nice and snowy, I cannot wait to wear it!

My Fall '18 Knitting Plans | Grainline Studio

In addition to the two sweaters above I have two that I'd love to make this fall but are sort of more on the dream list. On the right we have Aspen from Michele Wang's Capsule book with Brooklyn Tweed. I'd love to make this in a yarn that's a bit softer than Shelter, but I'm not sure what that is yet. On the right we have, once again, Honsestrik Inspiration from Issager. You might remember this one from my knitting plans last year, yep, still haven't made it! I've been terrified of the colorwork but I'm hoping that Rainier gets me feeling confident enough to do a crazy sweater like this. I have the yarn and hopefully get to this over the winter.

Have you started planning your fall making yet? Let me know what you've got planned in the knitting department!

My Fall '18 Knitting Plans | Grainline StudioMy Fall '18 Knitting Plans | Grainline StudioMy Fall '18 Knitting Plans | Grainline Studio