Morris Blazer

Woahwoahwoahwoah, did I actually sew a garment? For myself? I know, right? I can barely believe it either! Just when 2012 was starting to look a bit barren garment wise, I finished up this blazer for myself. It's the Morris blazer from the Fall '11 collection, so finally I have made myself something from that. Sadly the photos from this 'shoot' are pretty horrific, if you can even call me with a rickety tripod at night with a cat trying to sabotage my every move a shoot. Luke is in Champaign early this week for a workshop he's organizing and I should not be left to my own devices in the photo department, obviously! I'm laughing at the cat in most of the photos and the ones where I'm not, I'm trying to suppress it and look like a chipmunk. Oh well, I never claimed to be a model, in fact I would vehemently claim the opposite. To see a real model in this blazer, click here. As for spring wardrobes, so many of you are also planning them and I'm pretty pumped up about this. I wish there was some way we could all see our wardrobe planning / pictures / etc all in one place. An easy way to follow along with spring wardrobes perhaps? Maybe a list of people doing spring wardrobes? I don't know really, I'm sort of just rambling here, but I am really interested in handmade wardrobes lately. Sewing things that fit into your closet and style perfectly that get so many wears they start to wear out. What a dream!