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Morphing Mittens and Life

morphing mittens and life | grainline studio

Oh these mittens. When I started them this winter I was determined to have a seed stitch center section [as you can see here] but I just never really loved how it looked. It was fine not on the hand, but the panel never stayed centered when you had it on your hand. Maybe it was fine, but I just wasn't loving it all that much so when I looked at the forecast for this weekend at the cabin and it was upper 80's lower 90's with almost 100% (and at times 100%) humidity I decided they needed to come with instead of the Icelandic sweater. Boy that would have been awful if I had brought that! The old mitten has been turned into a new mitten with a subtle large cable running up the center. I like these much better and the super soft alpaca/angora blend yarn seems to like being this much better. So far I have 1.5 mittens finished. I would probably been able to have finished them up on the car ride home but I somehow forgot my knitting accessory bag and couldn't take the thumb stitches off the needles to keep going. Oh well, I'll get them done eventually.

In other news, I was laid off from my day job last week which is sort of a bummer. While hound and the patterns I sell here make a small profit, it doesn't come close to an income to live off of and goes right back into the next hound collection. My other job is what supported me day to day. I am trying not to be to down about it while I start looking for a new job, but jobs in fashion are few and far between in Chicago. At least I'll have more time to sew, knit and read between sending in applications?!