Mood Board | Scout Knit Tee

Grainline Studio x Mood Fabrics | Mood Board for Scout Knit Tee

You guys, I'm super excited to be teaming up with Mood Fabrics for this next post. Meg contacted me a few weeks ago about a pilot program they've been wanting to try out where Mood teams up with independent pattern designers to create Mood boards based on a specific pattern. The idea behind this is that it can be difficult to pair fabrics with patterns, getting a fabric with the right drape, etc. and this problem is only exacerbated by ordering online.

Mood offers a pretty generous swatching system, seriously the swatches are big, but sometimes you don't want to order swatches, wait for them to come, then order your fabric - you just want to get started on your garment asap, or sometimes you just need a little help selecting the right fabric. With this in mind we wanted to provide a set of hand selected fabrics that we know are going to get you a beautiful finished garment with the ease of sewing that comes from having the right fabric for the job. I've had a lot of questions in my inbox about the knit Scout tees I made a few weeks ago, how to make them and what fabrics would work best, so we decided to put together a Mood board of fabrics I like for the job.

I actually own most of the fabrics below and they've either already been made into Scout Tees or they're on my cutting table patiently waiting their turn. The few that I don't own yardage of, I have swatches of so that I don't lead you astray.

Grainline Studio | Mood Board | Scout Knit Tee

When selecting fabrics for this post I made my first Mood board on their site. Have you guys seen these yet? They were added as part of the site redesign they unveiled a few weeks ago, personally I sort of overlooked them so I was pretty surprised by how awesome they are! You can save fabrics and even upload your own photos to each board which is great if you want to upload a photo of the pattern you're going to use or other inspiration things. Previously I would just add fabrics to my cart, take a screenshot, and reference the style numbers later...not a very elegant solution. This was really easy and you can even make notes about each fabric which is super nice for when you've forgotten what you want to use a fabric for. This doesn't happen to you? Hahaha you don't own enough fabric then.

Anyway, head over to Mood to check out my Mood board, make your own board, and load up on fabrics for the Scout Knit Tee. Mood has generously offered you guys 10% off your purchase with the code GRAINLINE until 8/30/13*. Monday I'll be posting my sewing instructions for making your own knit Scout (they differ from the regular woven instructions) so you'll want to have some fabric on order! If you don't already have the Scout pattern, you can find that here as well.

*Excludes item codes beginning with PV and all dress forms.