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Modern Task Lighting for Sewing & Crafts

Recently I’ve been on the lookout for cute, modern craft task lighting which has proved to be more difficult than I thought! I often find myself knitting with dark colors, usually in the evenings after work, and in need of a bit of extra light to keep me from regretting my color choices. I own an OttLite that I use in the basement, but as we’re gradually furnishing the rest of our house (we’ve only owned it for 9 months and used to share a 500sq ft apt so we didn’t have much when we moved in) I’ve realized that I’d like something a bit more stylish in our main living spaces. I originally started searching “craft task light” and was very disappointed with the selection, but once I realized a craft light is basically the same as any other LED task light my search opened up a lot! I thought I’d share some of my favorite ones here in case anyone else is in the same predicament.

Modern Task Lighting for Sewing & Crafts | Grainline Studio

  1. Vero Floor Lamp from OttLite
  2. Vero Table Lamp from OttLite
  3. Linear Wood LED Task Light from West Elm
  4. LED Disc Task Lamp from West Elm
  5. Vera Table Lamp from Wayfair
  6. Lunenburg Task Floor Lamp from Wayfair

I'm leaning towards #5 above for our front room since I love the marble / brass combo. Should look good with all of the natural fabrics and plants going in there with it. Have you seen any great task lighting lately or do you have any lighting secrets for your sewing? Also any hot tips on sourcing cute modern sconces that aren't super industrial because we have three that I hate but can't seem to come up with a replacement. I'm about to have our electrician take them out all together!