Me Made May 2018

May is upon us and it's time again for Me Made May! If you've followed along with me and Grainline for the past few years you'll know that I'm terrible at challenges that involve copious amounts of selfies. With that in mind I've come up with what I hope is a challenge that actually works for me and is more interesting to both me and hopefully you as well.

This year rather than focusing on me wearing handmade I want to use Me Made May to highlight what you as a community are making from our patterns, as well as use it as an opportunity for me to get a few garments made before my trip to Australia for Soul Craft in June. I also have a pretty sizable backlog of handmade garments that haven't been photographed or blogged so I'm hoping to use this month to photograph and blog some of them. I've discovered that photographing yourself and blogging is a muscle that atrophies fast if not used so I really need to exercise that.

Me Made May 2018 Plans

  • Highlight community outfits in the Grainline Studio Instagram stories. Make sure you tag us in your Me Made May Instagram posts if you want to be featured! I'm hoping to do a few of these a day as they roll in!
  • Get back into the habit of photographing and blogging the things I make. I really miss doing this, mostly because I love cataloging things, but also because it's hard to say everything you want to say about a project in an Instagram post.
  • Make 2-3 garments for my Australian trip! This does not include the two samples of our next pattern that I want to make to wear there. I'm thinking a new linen Hadley top, the new Megan Nielsen Ash Jeans in denim from Threadbare Fabrics, and the Persephone pants in bottom weight linen from The Fabric Store.

So those are my Me Made May plans. Are you participating? If so let me know how you're going about it and if you've got any special challenges for yourself! If you're new to Me Made May, or even if you aren't, you'll definitely want to check out the most recent Love to Sew Podcast episode with Zoe Edwards who started the whole thing. And don't forget, the hashtag for this year's challenge is #MMMay18.

Me Made May | Handmade Style | Grainline StudioMe Made May | Handmade Style | Grainline Studio

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