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Linden Variation: Rolled Cuffs and Hems

Last week Lexi unearthed a bag containing the pieces for this cute short sleeve Linden we had cut months ago from the bottom of a long forgotten drawer. We set it aside because the fabric was too thick to use for the neckband and we couldn't find a matching ribbed knit to use but when she found it this time she was struck by a stroke of genius. While admiring the cute looped texture on the back of the garment she mentioned doing a rolled neck and hem, then added cuffs and I was sold. She sewed it up and now I'm here with a quick, easy pattern variation for you all!

To start follow the instruction booklet to assemble the body of your Linden. For the sleeve cuffs, we simply rolled about a quarter inch of the raw edge of the fabric under, then folded up about 1 1/4", pressed, and tacked the cuff in place at the under arm seam as well as on the outer arm.

The neckline requires a bit more tacking because of the seam allowances meeting at the shoulders. We gently rolled the fabric over so that the raw edge was concealed and tacked it in place at each of the seam lines, the center front, center back, and at the top of each shoulder.

The hem is the easy part, we just rolled the raw edge up and left it, no tacking. This edge naturally wanted to roll up so we just let it do its thing with no help. Depending on your fabric you may want to tack at the side seams but we found we were okay without that step. So that's it, a super easy way to try something new with your Linden Sweatshirt pattern!

Rolled Hem Linden | Grainline Studio Rolled Hem Linden | Grainline Studio Rolled Hem Linden | Grainline Studio

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