Lillstreet Archer Wrap Up & New Class

Grainline Studio | Lillstreet Archer Class

Last night was the final night of my Lillstreet Arts Center Archer Class! I was a little bit terrified to teach this class, it's the first class I've ever taught, but I really had so much fun with this crew, I wish we had more than 4 weeks! I forgot to take a photo of everyone with their Archers till right before class had ended and so a few people had left already, but I'm so proud of all the Archers that came out of this class!!

I'll be teaching a 10 week Garment Construction course starting next week on Wednesday evenings at Lillstreet so if you're in Chicago, here's the link. It's a bit of a free-form class, but if you've got a specific skill or project you'd like to tackle, this is a great class for it. Also Lillstreet's sort of my new jam...everyone is SO nice and helpful and fun!

Heads up, I just started making the slideshow of all of the Archer Appreciation photos. I was going to post today but realized I was super unclear about when things needed to be posted to the Flickr Group by. I'll be posting Monday so have your Archer in the group by Saturday at noon CST and you're in!