Life Lately v.05

It's been a while since my last Life Lately post and so much has happened! I think I'm going to start scheduling these quarterly so that I don't have a huge dump every time I post one. So here's what I've been up to behind the scenes since October!
This year I went to Camp Workroom Social as an assistant and ended up teaching last minute with my friend Erin which was stressful but also super fun! I have zero photos of camp but I do have some of the New York Sheep & Wool Festival which I attended with friends the weekend after camp! It was so overwhelming - between all the people, sheep, yarn and food I went crowd blind in approximately 5 minutes. My only yarn purchase was some awesome grey Sawkill Farm DK weight yarn, though I also snagged a skein of the new Kelbourne Woolens Andorra in the most perfect almost black color. I had so much fun road tripping there with friends and staying in our "nordic" air bnb - though I didn't enjoy the all black stairwell lit by a single low watt Edison bulb. Took one for the team there!
I seem to have amassed way too many knitting projects over the past few months which is pretty much stressing me out nonstop. I finished up my Exeter and apparently thought that since that sweater only took 2 months I was that fast of a knitter all the time? Or maybe I just forgot what I already had? Whatever happened I need to remedy this situation asap! Typically I have 2 projects going at once, a sweater and a pair of socks or a hat for when I need a small portable project. I'll probably post about this more later to get my head around how I'm going to tackle this issue à la Karen's Queue Check posts.
The holidays happened and I have zero photos of them, but to start off the New Year Jon and I took a quick trip to LA! He was playing and I needed a break from the sub zero temperatures plaguing the country. My favorite parts of the trip were hanging out at Zuma Beach & Point Dume watching brown pelicans and then seeing the Huntington Gardens. The gardens were amaaaaazing, and reminded me a ton of the southern relative to the Butchart Gardens in Victoria, BC. My only regret is that I forgot my binoculars, but when I was packing somehow they didn't come to me as a must have item for Los Angeles! And that's what I've been up to. Well some of it, the interesting parts at least!