Life Lately v.02

Life Lately 02 | Grainline Studio

shoes and fabric for a hemlock tee via steph more new shoes and some anemone blooming ran into some really lovely ladies at the logan square farmers market testing out a new figgy scent

Life Lately 02 | Grainline Studio

so many red plaids dudes, so many buying green thread dressed in green beagle sitting this crazy lady getting ready for winter with new handknit socks

Sooooo, I've been a really really really bad blogger lately, but I promise it's for the greater good! I'm working nonstop on getting the Morris Blazer pattern and a pattern for the duffle/dopp/pouch travel kit I've been posting on Instagram ready to launch. Should be soon on those but unfortunately that's left me little time for posting here. I'm going to work my little ass off this weekend (again) and try to put a nail in the coffin on at least one of these patterns so that I can get moving on new exciting things! Always so much to do, times like these I wish I could clone myself or something like that. Man that would be nice! Anyway, these photos are a bit of what I've been up to lately. I've been knitting socks like mad because they're a great mindless break from sitting and staring at a computer screen. I posted this on Facebook the other day (my personal account) and I think it's so true and has been backed up by a multitude of my other creative self employed friends.

Warning: If you decide to make things for a living so you don't stare at a computer all day, you will end up staring at a computer all day anyway. You will also discover just how many floaters you have in your eyes and it WILL freak you out.

Just a little tidbit in case you were wondering about these things, haha. Have a good weekend dudes!