Lexi's Floral Thayer Jacket

Lexi Thayer Close up

I may be biased but I love the Thayer jacket! This is one of my favorite pieces I've ever made. It's quick and fun to sew up and the finished product looks very professional. Everyone is surprised and impressed that it's home made.  Ever since I finished it in the fall, I have barely taken it off!  The sherpa lining is soft and cozy. The pockets are a true gift from Jen's brain, they are super comfy and so spacious holding many items to keep my hands free. 

Lexi Thayer Jacket

This vintage print makes me happy every time I look at it and I feel like my true self when I wear this jacket, which is important to me. The Thayer is a great pattern to branch out and try something a little more bold or unexpected. It's such a simple canvas to build upon with a fun print or color. 

Lexi Thayer jacket

My coat is made with a vintage 1960's 8 wale printed corduroy I found on Etsy through a lovely vintage reseller Fallaloft. The orange sherpa fabric I used for the lining is from Fashion Fabrics Club but unfortunately it's now sold out. Vintage fabric is not hard to find and makes your garment truly one of a kind!

A bit on how I acquire (and accumulate) vintage fabric. I love estate sales! I subscribe to a weekly emailer from estatesales.net so I know when they are happening near me and what kind of items each sale may have. Look for sales that mention sewing supplies, crafts, fabric, etc. I find this to be a very fun adventure and the most affordable way to find vintage fabric. If estate sales aren't your thing or are not accessible to you, I would recommend looking on Etsy There are dozens of shops selling amazing vintage fabric.

Whenever shopping for vintage fabric online, it's always a gamble if they will have enough yardage. Many sell in 1 yard increments or by piece so be sure to ask the seller how many yards are available or what the piece dimensions are if not already or clearly listed.

printed cotton velveteen

In my search for fabric I discovered these AMAZING Ridhi Sidhi cotton velveteens from Fancy Tiger Crafts. They have a vintage feel with lush colors that call for fun sherpa to match! 1. Velveteen Jungle 2. Tropical Garden. I might have to add a second Thayer to my queue.

It's been so fun to see your Thayers pop up in the feed. Keep em' coming and I hope to see some wild prints out there!

It's been so much fun to see your Thayer jackets pop-up so keep sharing and I hope to see some wild prints out there!

Lexi's Printed Corduroy Thayer Jacket | Grainline StudioLexi's Printed Corduroy Thayer Jacket | Grainline Studio

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