Lexi's Reed Skirt With Fancy Pockets

Lexis Reed with Fancy Pockets | grainline studio

Here is the second (and my favorite) of the two Reed Skirts I've recently made. This skirt is sewn in a soft wool flannel which is a perfect partner for this pattern, the weight and drape made it easy to sew, and created a slightly structured silhouette that I'm a big fan of.

Lexis Reed Skirt with fancy pockets | Grainline studio

For this version I used the front closure of View A and the side fronts/patch pockets of View C. For the pockets I did some minimal reshaping and added a ruffle trim for a fun detail. (Tutorial coming soon!) I also covered my buttons using this simple kit

Lexis Reed skirt with fancy pockets

I was gifted this amazing fabric from a student's grandmother when I worked at Columbia College. I held onto it for years knowing one day it would go to good use and I couldn't be happier with where it ended up! 

Look out for our tutorials coming soon on how to add fancy patch pockets to your Reed skirts as well as an alternate way to hem the button bands when using thicker fabrics!

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