Lexi's Reed Skirt

Lexi Reed Skirt | Grainline studio

This is the first of two Reed Skirts I've recently made. We love options here at Grainline and the Reed is no exception. With the interchangeability of this pattern you can create many different versions using the same pattern set. Here I've used the View D back closure with the View B side front inseam pockets. I wanted the midi length of the hem extension but to highlight the embroidery, and to maximize the limited fabric I had, I eliminated the seam line and extended the skirt patterns as long as I could fit (in this case 5").

Lexi Reed Skirt | Grainline studio

 For this skirt I used these fabric panels I found in the bedding section of a local thrift store. There were two torn panels of a strange size that looked like they could have been used as curtains or maybe a table cloth ripped in half. I don't recall the original piece measurements but it was a very tight squeeze to fit all my Reed pieces in.

Lexi Reed Skirt | Grainline Studio

With such confinement I had to get crafty and split the pocket bag pattern piece in two to fit everything. As you can tell, modeling doesn't come naturally to me but being resourceful does! I also had to exercise embracing imperfection and letting go of the strong need to pattern match as there simply was not room to do so. It was heartbreaking and liberating! 

Lexi Reed Skirt | Grainline studio

All in all I'm very pleased with how it turned out and feel proud I could repurpose such special scraps into something I'm excited to wear out.

 I also want to take a second to highlight this amazing sweater I'm wearing. It's a Nannell sweater of my mothers from the 80's. The pearls are knit right into the sleeves and it even has knitted shoulder pads! It also makes the coolest sound when I get moving so if you have a band in need of a human cabasa I'm your girl!

Lexi's Reed Skirt | Grainline StudioLexi's Reed Skirt | Grainline Studio

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