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I've been getting much more into knitting lately than I have been over the past few years. I used to knit all the time but drifted off as I began sewing more and more. Lately though I've been enjoying it as an evening break from the usual sewing & work. As I knit on two sweaters at the same time I've come to realize that my knitting supplies are pretty unorganized. I have a small leather pouch I keep my knitting essentials in, stitch markers, small scissors, tape measure, row counter, etc. but other than that everything is a disaster. My projects are kept in plastic bags and my needle storage, that is a sight to see! My circulars and dpn's are just piled into another plastic bag with the dpn's rubber-banded together by set. Every time I need a different needle size or circular length it's a real headache to sort out. I came across Fringe Supply Co. on Instagram and now I'm dreaming of a more organized knitting world. A cute striped bento bag for each project, brass stitch markers, adorable snips...sigh. Seriously everything in this shop is on my dream list.

How do you organize your projects, needles, and supplies? I have a dream in addition to cute project bags that somewhere out there exist natural colored canvas circular and dpn storage bags, perhaps something like this except for the part where I have to make it myself. I've got enough projects as it is! Help a girl get organized, let me in on your tips!