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Kendra's Fall '15 Wardrobe Plans

A few weeks ago, you may have seen my inspiration post where I talked about my fall wardrobe plans. Recently, I took that inspiration and channeled it into lists. I’m about to get real with you all: I hate drawing. I’m not terrible at it (definitely not good), but I tend to plan and get better ideas from writing. I’m a big fan of mind maps, word associations, and just plain lists.

First, I did my best to figure out how my time during the week was balancing out for the upcoming months. Drawing up a list of how I spend my days helped me decide what types of outfits I would need. Most of my days call for casual looks, however, I do have some special events that will require a fancier dress code and I like to dress up a bit when I go out for dates with my dude or with friends. Before picking out fabric, I thought about colors I wanted to focus on and made a little chart for that. I can get a bit zippy when fabric shopping, which sometimes results in me buying yardage that I don't end up using. Having these colors in mind helped me to focus on the really fun part: deciding what I was going to make!

Kendra's Fall '15 Wardrobe Plans | Grainline Studio

This fall, I would love to make a self-drafted pair of jeans. I have some ideas and a pair in my closet to use as inspiration. It’s one of the bigger projects I have planned, but I think it would feel really great to have a pattern made just for me by me. I also have plans to make a new dark denim Moss, it’s a perfect pairing with tights and oxfords. The last item I have planned as far as bottoms is a circle midi skirt that is high waisted and zips up the back made from a heavy black knit. It would be a self-drafted pattern as well, hopefully I'll be able to get around to working on these before winter comes along! As for tops, I wear a lot of tees, which is perfect because the Lark just came out! I have plans and fabric for 5 Larks, a couple with variations, some long sleeved and some short. It’s a great pattern for layering or to be worn all on its own. I could also use two new Archers cut straight from the pattern with no changes. I have fabric I’m really excited about for those, both plaids. I’m going to make them in heavier flannels to act as overcoats, borrowing that one from the boys. Then there is the sweatshirt I posted in one of my inspiration boards, I will definitely use that as inspiration for a Linden with snaps up the back. I also have plans for a striped Hemlock and few other items here and there.

Kendra's Fall '15 Wardrobe Plans | Grainline Studio

I’m still new to knitting but I have totally and completely fallen head over heels for it. So, I’m really challenging myself this fall to knit up a storm when I’m not in the studio, partly because I want to learn as much as I can and also because it’s fall! I have just started knitting up the Heathered cardigan by Melissa Schaschwary. I wear the same ratty short waisted cardigan a lot in the fall, so this hand knit is meant to replace it. I also have big plans for knitting the Docklight sweater by Julie Hoover. I’m thinking charcoal grey. I have a couple unfinished knitting projects I want to finish up before winter in heavier wools, a scarf, and the Cross Country Coat by Wool and the Gang, so I’ll work on those as well.

Kendra's Fall '15 Wardrobe Plans | Grainline Studio

I’m so excited to start crossing items off these lists! I get a ridiculous amount of joy from that, I think it’s part of the reason I make them in the first place!  What pieces are you excited about for fall? Anything you can’t wait to make?

Post written by Kendra