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Jen's "Loon Watch" Thayer Jacket

Jen's Thayer Jacket | Grainline Studio

I'm so excited to share my own Thayer Jacket on the blog today, it's been quite a while since I've shared anything I've made here on the blog and I'm super jazzed to get back to it with this amazing jacket chainstitched by my friend Anne of Club Chainstitch!

When we were developing this pattern Ann launched her company and I couldn't help but start brainstorming what I would want chainstitched on the back of my own Thayer Jacket. It needed to be something that I love and wouldn't get tired of, so I went the same route as I went with my one and only tattoo, Common Loons!

Jen's Thayer Jacket | Grainline Studio

While Ann often stitches pre-made jackets, I wanted the chainstitch to only be through the outer layer of the coat. That way if I wore through the lining I could either reline the jacket or take out the chainstitch piece for art. With this in mind I gave Ann the jacket back sewn together along the center back, and the yoke along with the loon artwork. Ann then worked her magic, guided by hand on her 1920's Singer chainstitch machine and you guys, I almost cried when I picked it up. It is so beautiful! 

Jen's Thayer Jacket | Grainline Studio

My original plan for this jacket was to have it chainstitched on black twill, but then I had the problem of the loons not standing out. I looked in my stash and saw this caramel colored twill from Blackbird Fabrics and realized it was perfect. The color makes me think of an official national parks or forestry jacket, which I think the loons will take seriously while I watch them on the lakes at our family cabin. 

Jen's Thayer Jacket

I already mentioned using cotton twill from Blackbird Fabrics for the shell and I couldn't be happier with how it sewed up. For the body lining I used this charcoal "wooly sherpa" from Oak Fabrics and for the sleeve lining I used quilted lining from The combination of these fabrics provides a nice amount of warmth. I've been wearing this jacket all fall so far, and with a sweater underneath it's perfect for the chilly 38ºF mornings we've been having lately.

Jen's Thayer Jacket | Grainline Studio

I'm pretty sure this jacket is now the coolest thing I own or have made and at least half of that is all thanks to Ann's insane talent! We've got a really great post planned for Thursday with Ann all about Club Chainstitch and the sewing of the loons on this jacket that I'm really excited about. Stay tuned for that! I've also got another Thayer version with a plaid lining in the works. Can you ever have too many jackets? My answer is no!


Jen's Thayer Jacket | Grainline StudioJen's Thayer Jacket | Grainline StudioJen's Thayer Jacket | Grainline Studio


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