Holiday Gift Guide | For a garment sewer

Grainline Studio Gift Guide | Gifts for a Sewist

It’s time to get cozy with our families, friends and pets and celebrate the holidays!  The season we love for cookies, parties and gift giving! Gift giving can be stressful because if you are like me, and the rest of the crew here you want to give your loved ones something useful and yet meaningful. And so many of us feel like we don't need more stuff! However, as a crafter, I am always happy to receive something special that helps me make things. We are excited to share a series of gift guides that we created to help you shop for the crafters that you love. This first one is a gift guide for garment sewers. Stay tuned because we will also be posting guides for knitters and quilters.

Grainline Studio Gift Guide | Gifts for a Sewist

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  1. Our Scout Tee! It's the perfect gift for a garment sewer because every sewer needs a tee shirt pattern and it's a project that is not overwhelming to take on. The sewer you know will have it finished by the end of January!

  2. This fashionary sketch book is perfect for planning outfits and future projects. The pages are printed with a dot-line drawing of a female figure for you to sketch garments or outfits on top of. It's essential for planning outfits and keeping inventory of garments you already own.

Grainline Studio Gift Guide | Gifts for a Sewist

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3. This bamboo point turner is the perfect tool to really get into those corners and make crisp edges. I use it all the time when I make pockets, pouches and collars. It's extremely handy and a lovely object.

4. The pen style chaco liner is my absolute favorite tool for tracing around my pattern pieces. It leaves a visible mark that you can brush off when you are done. It also makes a very satisfying sound when the wheel turns. It's perfect for a stocking stuffer. 

Grainline Studio Gift Guide | Gifts for a Sewist

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5. Sometimes it's nice to get a prettier version of the most basic tool you use all of the time. I love the red caps on the end of these pins... and the box is adorable.

6. People who sew get rough dry hands. Especially  in winter! It's the time of year to really take care of those digits.

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