Hilary Grant Arrow Circle Scarf

Do you guys remember when I posted about Hilary Grant Knitwear exactly one year ago (well give 4 days but woah, timing!)? Well, I finally got my hands on one of her scarves! I don't buy a lot of stuff (well besides fabric, but you know) so when I do I like to purchase special pieces or things that will last for a few seasons and this scarf fits both criteria. I almost clicked purchase a few times last winter on this sucker but something would always come up, a broken tooth, a lost job, vet bills, whatever, and make me have to wait...until this little beauty was sold out online. Well enter Sample Sale! Like a complete and total nerd I was sitting at my computer when Hilary's sample sale email came and I literally have never clicked "Buy" faster in my life. I sort of astounded myself with a speed and decisiveness not native to my personality. Anyway it's here, I love it so much (look how cute even the tag is) and it is now waiting to be paired with everything as soon as the first chill hits the air. It's going to look great with my Canadian Tux when I hit up Victoria, BC this fall too!

I don't know if you guys follow Hilary on Instagram
or not, but you totally should (and her blog as well). She's been posting sneak peeks at the new fall line, as well as dreamy Scotland landscapes, and let me tell you I am so excited about these hats! Can we talk about those dreamy poms anyone? Yeah, that's right, they rule. I left my hat in a car in NYC last November, one that I knitted myself no less, and have been on the lookout for a replacement since. I'm not going to kid myself this year that I'm going to knit one, that's how I went all last winter with a cold head. I've wised up friends, frostbitten ears don't look good on anyone. I'll give you all a heads up when her updated Fall12 shop goes live...after I purchase my hat that is, ha!