Hemlock Tee in Woven Stripes

Grainline Studio | Hemlock Tee in Woven Stripes Occasionally I get questions about making the Hemlock Tee in woven fabrics so I thought my latest blog collaboration with Britex Fabrics would be a perfect time to showcase that yes, it is possible! Grainline Studio | Hemlock Tee in Woven Stripes The fabric I used for this project is this large print, super graphic, black and white striped silk and my goal was to make use of the border print nature in a non-typical way. I wish I’d taken a photo of this fabric before I cut into it to show you more what the print looks like, but the large, even stripes I used for the sleeve ran down one half of the fabric, and the section I used for the body of this shirt ran down the other half. This print definitely is an easy choice for a something like a maxi skirt, but I really wanted to get a bit more creative and also make something a little easier to wear in fall. Also you guys know me, maxi skirts aren't really my jam... Grainline Studio | Hemlock Tee in Woven Stripes Like I mentioned above, I used the Hemlock Tee pattern which was released last fall. The pattern is written for knits but since it’s oversized it works just as well in a drapey woven like this one. Since the print was so large, I cropped the length of the body by about 8” so I didn’t run the risk of having it overwhelm me. The other reason I cropped this top is so that I could match the stripes at the side seams. Since this print is so large and the section I was using for the body only ran down one side of the fabric I needed a lot more fabric than you would think in order to get a match. Cropping the top was one way to make this happen much more easily. Grainline Studio | Hemlock Tee in Woven Stripes The shirt was sewn according to the directions used for the original Hemlock Tee with the exception of the neckline which I finished with bias binding which I made from the larger striped section of the print. So if you've wondered about making the Hemlock in a print, or even if you haven't, hope this gives you some ideas!