Handmade Apartment Tour | Kitchen

Grainline Studio | Apartment Tour | Handmade Kitchen Welcome to my new kitchen! If you follow me on Instagram (@grainlinestudio) you already know that I've been doing a lot of home sewing since I've moved into my apartment and finally I've finished it all up and it's time to share. One thing I owned prior to moving was this kitchen table, which you all know as my old studio table. It feels SO nice to have it back to serving the purpose for which I bought it. It's not a huge table and I'm not really a placemat person but I wanted something to protect it from drinks and the occasional hot thing I may want to place on it so I made this little table mat. Grainline Studio | Apartment Tour | Handmade Kitchen It's lined with insulated batting to protect from heat and has a nice denim backing as well as binding. You guys know how I love denim...well get ready because its running rampant in my place, ha! I got really into this Alexander Henry flower print at work and thought it would be perfect for kitchen things, and it was. You'll see... Grainline Studio | Apartment Tour | Handmade Kitchen My apartment has a lot of what we're going to call quirks, but which are actually oddities caused by people doing construction who probably had no business doing construction. One of these is this really odd non-functional slatted door placed on one wall to vent the heating closet to bring it up to code. Most people would just put a vent in the bottom of the door to the room but I guess this seemed easier, though we're not sure how. It made for a huge amount of wasted space so my dad built these shelves for me. I think they turned out awesome and give me plenty of room for my tea, plants, and other things I've collected.  Grainline Studio | Apartment Tour | Handmade Kitchen My dad also built these little shelves to go across the upper part of my window for more plants. You may recall that my last apartment had literally no direct sunlight and very little indirect sunlight either. I always tried to grow plants there but they've never been able to survive so when I got this super bright, sunny apartment I wanted to definitely have as many plants as I could! This is the perfect solution because not only do they get their sun, it looks cute and Roamy can't get up there for a plant snack. That cat is almost always up to no good...unless she's sleeping.  Grainline Studio | Apartment Tour | Handmade Kitchen Again with that fabric I made a slew of coasters. While I may not be into placemats, I am really into coasters. I do not like water rings on my stuff! These were pretty basic - cut squares, sandwich with batting, sew together - but they do the trick and I think they look pretty cute. Grainline Studio | Apartment Tour | Handmade Kitchen Last but not least we have this oven mitt and potholders made from more of the same line of fabric. I have really small hands, like child size, so I like to make my own oven mitts. This one is one layer of quilt fabric with insulated batting and canvas on the inside. The potholders are basically the same as the coasters but giant and of course, they're backed with denim! One trick pony here my friends. That's it for the kitchen, plenty more home projects to come though...watch out, I've been busy!