Handmade Apartment Tour | Bedroom

Grainline Studio | Handmade Apartment Tour | Bedroom You guys, I love my new bedroom so much! I painted the walls a light silvery grey that is so cozy and relaxing and it's the perfect size for anything I would want in here. I haven't made too many things for the bedroom yet, just this chevron pillow, but I'm making super slow progress on my Hills 'n Hollers Lizzy House Constellations quilt. The goal is to finish it by fall which I think is doable. I also made the heating pad cover a few years ago when the first Denyse Schmidt book came out. Still love that thing! Over the bed I put my print from my friends Julia and Brian, so cute and perfect for the room! Grainline Studio | Handmade Apartment Tour | Bedroom I have the funniest little night table I found at a Goodwill in college over 10 years ago. Someone just built it out of scrap wood and I have to re-hammer it together every time I move, but for some unexplainable reason it is exactly the perfect size turned one way or the other for every single bedroom I've had since I found it. We were meant to be! I'm currently plowing my way through Infinite Jest, pretty good so far, I just need to start going to bed earlier so I have more reading time. Grainline Studio | Handmade Apartment Tour | Bedroom Here's my little row of dressers complete with photos of both sets of my grandparents, double narwhals, and an actual photograph of Abraham Lincoln. My uncle found this cracked glass negative somewhere in one of the buildings he's restored in Springfield and had 3 prints made from it. Pretty cool if you ask me, though an interest in Lincoln does run in my family... Grainline Studio | Handmade Apartment Tour | Bedroom I found my dresser at the Sandwich Antique Market about 10 years ago, it's solid metal and came from the old Geneva, IL hotel. It's one of my favorite things I own, I couldn't believe my luck when I stumbled upon it! It's kind of a beast to move but that thing is as solid as they come. Grainline Studio | Handmade Apartment Tour | Bedroom This is the funniest part about my bedroom, I didn't realize it when I was getting everything together but I went a little stripe crazy in here. Double striped Pendleton blankets, striped rug, and two sets of striped Unison sheets. Don't forget about that chevron pillow either, sheesh Jen! Ha!