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Grainline Studio | Marketplace Feature

I'm so excited to share this news, I was interviewed for Marketplace a bit back and my piece aired yesterday! I was totally nervous to see what made the cut into the final interview, the interview I did down at WBEZ was about a half hour long. It was really strange, sitting in a little sound proof room with fancy headphones on and a little round microphone, talking to them in LA, especially since I was super nervous! Anyway I'm super happy with how the little piece turned out, especially all the little sound effects, which are actually me working! They sent someone over to my house to record me working, (Bill Healy, who it turns out is an award winning  journalist and sound recorder so he was totally overqualified) and that part was really really fun. I had to keep making the loudest noises I could with my tools on was pretty hard not to laugh.

Anyway, you can listen to the finished piece below or click over to their site to listen there, hope you enjoy and also get a sense of just how much I love my job making patterns for all of you. And me, my wardrobe definitely benefits. Ha!