getting ready for spring

I started working on this jacket I cut out a few months ago.  It's going alright, though I'm a bit worried that I crossed the line from slouchy into just plain oversized.  The pattern is from BurdaStyle, the Blouson Jacket with pattern changes inspired by this jacket here. I also have been enjoying a small vase of flowers I picked out of my mom's garden the other day.  My cat is obsessed with tipping over anything full of water and is also obsessed with eating plants so flowers in a vase is a very dangerous combination at my house.  I have been so good at locking her out of my studio when I'm not in there but today I accidentally locked her IN my studio.  She totally knocked that thing over, water all under my laptop, and ripped the petals off one of the anemone.  What a sass-ass!  She didn't even look guilty when I caught her red-pawed.  The nerve!  Luckily my laptop is alright so I can laugh.  A little. Here is where you can tell that the shoulders are WAY wide.  Definitely going to take some off the there and see where that leaves me.  Not giving up yet.

Also added some Essie Tangerine nail polish to my collection.  I painted my toes and now I only want to wear my white H&M Swedish Hasbeens so the color pops out.  I was SUPER lucky in that my model for the hound shoot is only a half size larger feet than me (7) so I get to wear the Hasbeens.  It would be so sad to waste them after the shoot.