Get Ready for the Augusta Sew-Along!

 Grainline Studio Augusta Sew-Along

It's time to talk about the Augusta Sew-Along! We wanted to wait until you all received your patterns before we got started which means the first episode of our sew-along will be going live on our YouTube channel on Tuesday Sept 22nd! We'll be posting videos every Tuesday and Thursday so make sure you're subscribed to get notifications when they're live.

Our schedule for the sew-along is:

  • Day 01: Introduction, choosing fabrics & supplies
  • Day 02: Choosing a size & basic pattern adjustments
  • Day 03: Advanced pattern adjustments
  • Day 04: Cutting and prep
  • Day 05: Assembling the collar
  • Day 06: Sewing the dart, back, yoke, and side seams
  • Day 07: Assembling and attaching the collar
  • Day 08: Assembling and setting the short sleeves
  • Day 09: Assembling and setting the long sleeves
  • Day 10: Hemming your Augusta

If you don't have the pattern yet you can still order it with enough time to join in! We have paper and PDF copies in stock and ready to ship today.

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