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Get Ready for our Fall Collection Sew-Alongs

Grainline Studio Fall Sew-Along Announcement

It wouldn't be a Grainline Studio pattern without a full photo illustrated sew-along to guide you through it, so it's time to share our sew-along schedule with you! We'll be starting with the Reed Skirt, then moving onto the Thayer Jacket.

Reed Skirt Sew-Along Information

  • Day 01: Inspiration
  • Day 02: Fabric Inspiration
  • Day 03: Gathering Supplies
  • Day 04: Choosing a Size
  • Day 05: Pattern Adjustments
  • Day 06: Assembling the Skirt Front – A & B
  • Day 07: Assembling the Skirt Front – C & D
  • Day 08: Views B & D Hem Extensions
  • Day 09: Views A & B Center Back & Side Seams
  • Day 10: Views A & B Button Placket & Waistband
  • Day 11: Views C & D Waistband & Zipper
  • Day 12: Hemming and Finishing

Thayer Jacket Sew-Along Information

  • Day 01: Thayer Inspiration
  • Day 02: Gathering Supplies
  • Day 03: Fabric Ideas
  • Day 04: Choosing a Size
  • Day 05: Pattern Adjustments
  • Day 06: Assembling the Jacket Fronts
  • Day 07: Assembling the Jacket Back
  • Day 08: Shoulder Seams and Sleeves
  • Day 09: Assembling the Lining
  • Day 10: Lining the Jacket
  • Day 11: Assembling and Attaching the Collar
  • Day 12: Buttons, Buttonholes & Finishing

We've also got some pattern variations cooked up, because you know we love helping you get the most out of your patterns while also stretching your creative skills! If you have any questions about the sew-along schedule, let us know in the comments below. We're so excited to get sewing!

Grainline Studio Fall Sew-Along Announcement

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