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friendship bracelets

Have you seen enough of these on the internet yet? Haha.  I made these a few weeks ago when I was at the cabin the first time this summer, turns out they are perfect for making on pontoon boats while drinking iced tea.  I used the honestly...wft tutorial since I could NOT remember how to make these at all.  Maybe we only made the ones where you knot around a bunch of threads?  I know we also made beaded ones, who can remember.  Anyway these are getting a lot of use.  I'm not really a bracelet person (super creepy small wrists and hands make for bracelets falling off constantly) but these are great because you just tie them on.  I accidentally wore mine in the lake and running more than a few times, so they are no longer as bright as they are in these photos.  Oh well, I can make more but this time do the ends like Erin did here.

(got to have kleenex and sourpatch kids at all times - allergies + candy tooth)