Field Bag Kit Artist Series | Bob Bechtol

Field Bag Kit Artist Series | Bob Bechtol

Yesterday we launched a series of limited edition Field Bag kits that sold out before we could even post about them here!⁠

Back in early 2020, Field Bag designer @karentempler persuaded her artist husband, Bob Bechtol, to paint a small number of one-of-a-kind Town Bags, dubbed the Downtown Bag, which were a huge hit.⁠

To christen his new Florida painting studio, the three of us cooked up another treat: KITS for one-of-a-kind Field Bags, each one handpainted by Bob, to be sewn by you! This was a limited edition of 50 kits that will not be repeated. ⁠⁠

That said, we may do another one in the future, but it will be different from these. To be added to the wishlist for that, you can sign up using the "notify me" button on the product page to be alerted to any future editions!⁠

Join the wishlist for future editions here!

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